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A5 Black & White Order of Service
A4 folded to A5. Printed in Black & White, 160gsm cover, inside pages on to 100gsm paper.

 4 Pages8 Pages12 Pages
Qty 25£1.00 each£1.30 each£1.50 each
Qty 50£1.00 each£1.20 each£1.40 each
Qty 75£1.00 each£1.20 each£1.30 each
Qty 100£0.80 each£1.00 each£1.10 each
Qty 200£0.80 each£1.00 each£1.10 each


A5 Order of Service

A4 folded to A5. Printed with 160gsm colour cover, inside pages in Black & White on to 100gsm paper. 4 pages £25, 8 pages £40, 12 pages £60.

 4 Pages8 Pages12 Pages
Qty 25£1.20 each£1.50 each£1.80 each
Qty 50£1.20 each£1.50 each£1.70 each
Qty 75£1.20 each£1.50 each£1.60 each
Qty 100£1.00 each£1.20 each£1.40 each
Qty 200£1.00 each£1.20 each£1.40 each

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